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Alvarado General Contractors, Inc. is the contractor to call when you are planning a bathroom or kitchen update or remodeling project. We have served the Montgomery County, Maryland area for over 15 years doing all types of remodeling projects from basements to high end kitchens.

Remodeling trends change over time, but updating a bathroom or your kitchen is still a hit, especially when you are planning to sell your home soon.

Some of the trends in remodeling 2014:

Bathrooms & Master baths....

Large airy showers are one of the biggest trends in updating bathrooms. If you have a small bathroom many people want a larger shower and no tub, with hinged doors instead of sliding glass. The feeling of a spa is very trendy and can even be accomplished with the right shower heads. Most popular in master bathrooms are the rain showerheads and multiple shower heads, providing a shower room.

While tubs are not as important as they once were, free-standing tubs with a shower near are very popular. Lots of people prefer the quite of a soaking tub to the Jacuzzi, but if comfort is important stick with the Jacuzzi.

If you really want to clear your bathroom of steamy film on mirrors that regular fan is probably not doing the job. For just a bit more money ($50-75) you can get a fan that is placed in your attic and it will really remove clear off mirror and ventilate your bathroom quickly.

Kitchen Trends...

The kitchen has become the heart of house. It is no longer that small room in the back of the house. Now it shares the center of the house and is in many cases sharing a great room in the house. Most people want their kitchen to be functional and look modern and up to date. But you if you are planning to sell soon keeping your kitchen in style for a broader appeal will help you to get a better pay back for the updated kitchen.

Cabinets are always important. The key is to get the right feel for your kitchen. The trend now is to have a more open appeal with lighter wood cabinets with some of the doors having clear glass to show off some interesting china or glassware.

Counter tops are not slabs any longer they are being replaced with marble, granite and quartz. The colors are generally a bit darker in black, bronze, shades of green.

Walls-paint in kitchens are no longer white, but to appeal to a broad group of potential buyers you may want to stay away from too bright. Back splashes in glass and tile behind the sink and stove are very popular and come in all types of styles and colors.

Kitchen appliances have changed overtime and then changed again. The current stainless steel look that was popular for several years is now being replaced with more colorful appliances. If you are selling your home soon you may want to install modern up-to-date appliances in a more neutral color.

Whatever your remodeling projects you can count on Alvarado Contractors to get the job completed on time and within your budget.

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